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new tokens
Validate new tokens to better spot out the scams from high yielding investments opportunities. Launch Dashboard
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Our platform is accessible and easy to use. Both for those taking their first steps in the market as well as the more seasoned. In depth information, in real time - does not have to be complex. Launch Dashboard
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Let our algorithm do the leg work so you can quickly and securely take an enlightened decision for your every trade. Launch Dashboard
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pots and rug pulls
Automatically scan the market for scams as well as other high risk indicators, with all the key metrics in front of you in real time. Launch Dashboard
ATH: 113%
2.08% tax
2.1% tax
95% tax
Contract Verified
High Tax
LP Lock
Token minting

Be automatically informed if a coin has minting functionality. Allowing scammers to dilute the value of your investment at any given moment.

Rug pulling

In a millisecond we can spot out when a deal is too good to be true - indicating if potential growth in value is crashing due to malicious creators.

Honey potting

By inserting a line of code into the contract a scammer can allow only their wallet to sell. Hence, all your investment is stuck in the honeypot.

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